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Since our inception in 2005, we’ve tried to be different by looking at the market from the bottom up and top down.

Establishing relationships as early as graduate level, we set out to assist our candidates on their journey towards future management, resulting in our network growing and maturing organically, and our relationships deepening throughout.

We make the effort to meet all of our candidates and clients, investing time in getting to know each of the people we’re representing, and acting not only as professional advisors but often trusted confidantes too. In this vein, we draw no differentiation between candidate and client, viewing everyone we interact with as a professional to whom we can offer our help and advice. Maintaining relationships built on trust and integrity is what has allowed us to succeed in a competitive industry and build a vast network of interesting and inspiring professionals.

The Cornell brand today is emblematic of this longer term, considered, relationship-driven approach. We are proud of the standards of service we set and continue to uphold, and believe every stakeholder we invest in deserves that investment.